Visco elastic (memory) foam

The unique properties of visco elastic foam, also known as memory foam, provide improved durability, mildew-resistance, and contouring. As you probably know from mattress commercials, memory foam reacts to the shape and temperature of your body, even conforming to the shape of a hand pressed into the surface. The natural warmth of the human body…

Soft flexible foam

When the goal is to increase comfort, Super Soft Foam performs wonderfully as backing for furniture and as extra padding atop mattresses to soften and relieve pressure. Super soft foam works best in comfort applications and is highly compactable. We can cut custom sizes of super soft foam for any project you may have!

Rebonded foam

Rebonded foams are made from a combination of multiple densities of foam which are broken down and re-bonded under mechanical pressure into new blocks of consistent High Density Rebonded Material, which are then cut into desired length and width.Rebonded foam possesses high sound and shock absorption properties.

Quilting foam

Quilting foam are available in a roll in a different thickness, it is special grade foam for quilt work.

High resilience (HR) foam

This foams has resilience greater than 45% which indicates good recovery and ultimate comfort, this is the only foam in mattress and cushioning which has properties that are close to or better than natural latex. High resilience foam is used all over the world to create high quality bedding and furniture.

Flame retardant foam

As the Name suggest Fire Retardant foams slow down the fire if any. It has variety of use in market with its unique properties. these foams are designed to meet specific applications where the fire retardant property of the is of utmost importance, these can be available in a wide variety of density as per…

Flexible polyurethane foam

  As one of the most versatile materials in existence, foam can be used in a seemingly endless array of applications. When looking for flexible Polyurethane foam, we the best selection of affordable, high-quality solutions to meet the needs of any business. With an emphasis on comfort, support, and lasting durability, you are sure to…

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