Platinum Pocket Spring Mattress


Zero Partner Disturbance technology

For many mattresses, even the slightest movement by your partner shakes the bed which wakes you up. But by having a Synnera Mattress you are able to sleep through the night just because of zero partner disturbance technology you can’t feel partners movement so the pains of waking up frequently due to mattress shaking totally gone.



Pocket Spring

This mattress features superior grade steel springs that are encased in individual fabric pockets. Whichever position you rest in, this mattress adapts to the shape of your body offering maximum support.





360 degree Air Circulation

Our Mattress come up with breathable fabric and air ventilation will let you sleep well and undisturbed, breathable mattress fabric that sleeps cool.





Antibacterial fabric resists colonization by bacteria to reduce the risk of spreading infection and developing unpleasant odors.






An antimicrobial protection that offers protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, and other hazardous microbes.






This Synnera mattress is specially crafted to repel dust mites and prevents dust mites from colonizing the mattress.





 7 Years Warranty | 7 વર્ષની વોરંટી


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A pocket spring mattress is made from individual pocket springs. Each pocket spring is enclosed within its own fabric pocket. Working independently from each other, each spring reacts only to the pressure applied to that area. Pocket springs don’t move as a whole unit, unlike more traditional open coil mattresses.



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  • Synnera delivering the product, will not take up any type of civil work, such as drilling holes in the wall to mount the product. The product will only be assembled in case carpentry assembly is required
  • In case the product appears to lack shine, wiping the surface with a cloth will help clear the surface of dust particles

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6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch


Euro Top, Normal Top




7 Years

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